Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gen-Diagnostik e.V.

Chronicle of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gen-Diagnostik e. V."


135 members

30th Annual Meeting in Potsdam in October 2015
Head of the Programme Committee: Reiner Siebert, Institute of Human Genetics, Kiel University
Key focus: The pan-omics landscape of human diseases

2014 – 1991

key foci of the annual meetings:
Beyond exome sequencing – causal diversity of genetic diseases
The new age of comprehensive testing
From genomes to networks – new developments in complex diseas analysis
Impact and challenges of comprehensive rare variant analyses
Genetics and genomics of infectious diseases
New approaches to molecular cancer diagnostics
Leveraging personalized medicine by consumer genomics
Multi-marker approach in diagnostics
Analysis, exploitation and conservation of biodiversity
Gene diagnostics in daily life
Prospects of gene diagnostics
SNPs – Single Nucleotide polymorphism
Micro genomics – molecular methods are changing
Creutzfeldt and Jacob, knocking at the door?
Quo vadis AGD?
The DNA chip – is the glass man going to come?
Transmissible spongiform enzephalopathies
Green light for genetic engineering?
Methods of genome research: from chromosome towards gene
10 years AGD
Genetic aspects of ontogenesis
DNA polymorphisms in eukaryotic genomes


145 members

6th Annual Meeting in Homburg (Saar) in September 1990
Head of the Programme Committee: Olaf Issinger
key focus: Tumour research at a molecular level


116 members

5th Annual Meeting in Tübingen in September 1989
Head of the Programme Committee: Jost Kömpf
key focus: Genome Research


87 members

4th Annual Meeting in Düsseldorf in October 1988
Head of the Programme Committee: Jürgen Henke
key focus: DNA-polymorphism in forensic and medicine

As of this Annual Meeting, the results of each meeting will be published in the series on "Advances in Molecular Genetics". Publisher: Dr. Hüthig, Heidelberg.


56 members

AGD e.V. accepted as a member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Biotechnologie, in April 1987, the AGD became a member of this association.

Merck Symposium, October 1987, Head of the Programme Committee together with the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie.

3th Annual Meeting in Freiburg in June 1987
Head of the Programme Committee: Jörg Epplen
key focus: Biomolecular methods in diagnosis

The findings of this symposium were published in: "Molekularbiologische Methoden in der Diagnostik" (Ed. by H. Lang; W. G. Gúcer; A. J. Driesel), published by Springer.


39 members

2th Annual Meeting in Munich in October 1986
Head of the Programme Committee: Elisabeth Weiss

As of the second Annual Meeting, abstracts of the lectures will be published regularly in the Journal Clinical Chemistry Clinical 1 Biochemistry. Publisher: Walter de Gruyter & Co., Berlin.


25 members

1th Annual Meeting in Hennef/Sieg in September 1985
Head of the Programme Committee: Albert J. Driesel


Occasion of the Association's foundation:
16th Miami Winter Symposium (16 - 20 January 1984) "Advances in Gene Technology: Human Genetic Disorders" - new possibilities for DNA probe diagnosis are discussed at an international level for the first time.

Idea behind the foundation:
To build up an interfaculty forum for German scientists doing research in the new field, taking into account the legal, ethical and social implications for society, man and the environment; at the same time, increased support in genome research as a new branch of modern biotechnology.

27 February 1984 - Founding assembly of the AGD upon the initiative of and under the management of Albert J. Driesel, further participants: Max P. Baur, Uwe Claussen, Karl-Heinz Grzeschik, Jürgen Henke, Klaus Olek; Josef Römer, Jörg Schmidtke.

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